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Recently, Fox announced the launch of a new channel for Live Sports, Fox Sports 1. Since the announcement, Fox has been staffing up for the new channel. The channel will be launched in August. With this news, Fox also announced the launch of a new show, Fox Sports Live. The show’s panel will comprise of Sports personality – Charissa Thompson, NFL stars – Ephraim Salaam and Donovan McNabb, NBA great – Gary Payton and Tennis Legend – Andy Roddick. All these popular faces will provide commentary and analysis for the new show. The show will be launched on August 17 on America’s brand new sports network.

The announcement about the launch of the show was made by Scott Ackerson, Executive Vice President, Studio Production, Fox Sports. He oversees news coverage for the channel. As mentioned above, Fox Sports Live will be launched on August 17, 2013 at 11 P.M ET. Refreshed editions of the show will be aired at 12 A.M ET and 1 A.M ET.

Panel on the new show will be hosted by Charissa Thompson. It will provide opinion and analysis on various sports events. However, the show will offer much more. Fox Sports Live will be anchored by Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait. They have been popular as one of the most popular, irreverent and smartest anchor team on TSN’s SportsCentre for eight consecutive years. Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait joined Fox Sports in May, 2013. They will be the primary anchor team on the new show. They will also be joined by their producer, Tim. Breaking news and general updates on the show will come throughout the day from Ryan Field and Don Bell. Some worthy contributions will be made from correspondents, Julie Stewart-Binks and Molly McGrath.

With this show, Charissa Thompson is returning to Fox Sports. She will be the primary host of the show’s analysis and opinion segments. For the last two years, Charissa Thompson was working at ESPN. At ESPN, Thompson co-hosted ‘ESPN First Take’, ‘Numbers Never Lie’ and ‘SportsNation’.

With the new show, Fox Sports will be competing with ESPN’s SportsCenter in a three-hour slot of nightly infotainment. With Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait joining the team, Fox thinks it has a real shot at success. In fact, this popular anchor team is somewhat considered to be a national treasure in Canada. They will play a key role in the show’s rotating panel of analysts, anchors and former athletes. Moreover, inclusion of Andy Roddick and Charissa Thompson already has people talking.

According to Fox Sports, Dan O’Toole and Jay Onrait are going to deviate from conventional sports news formulas. People expect this team to use its unique brand of entertainment and humor to make the show more fun and entertaining to watch. Fox Sports is quite confident that many people will tune in to Fox Sports Live for a regular dose of sports news and entertainment. With its high-profile panel, it may even deliver on its promises. However, it would be interesting to see if people would shift their loyalties from ESPN to Fox Sports in the coming months.





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